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"The outer world is a reflection of your inner world!"

We hear this statement all the time.. right, but what does it actually mean? and how do we apply it in our lives?

First and foremost, I'd like to invite you to explore the concept of your mind as an embodied experience. In our journey together, we'll engage in both mental and somatic practices.

This will involve recalibrating your nervous system, nurturing your emotional well-being, and harmonising the connection between your mind and body to enhance your mental awareness and overall wellness.

Our work will focus on enhancing emotional regulation and building emotional intelligence through a fusion of body and mind mapping.

We'll delve into the intricate systems of your natural alignment.

Together, we'll expand your current beliefs, allowing you to develop and refine your inner flow, establishing a deeper connection with your inner energies as you navigate life's ever-shifting polarities.


We will fine-tune the pathways of your unique mind-body connection. Through our journey, you'll learn to intentionally curate what you allow into your personal sphere, gaining a deeper understanding of how to be present with your body, emotions, and thoughts.


As we progress, you'll recalibrate and discover new ways of expressing and creating, unveiling your unique energetic signatures through emotional intelligence and integrated embodiment.


I know your commitment to this journey is unwavering; you're fully immersed in "the work." Your deep desire to embrace life to the fullest is evident.


Let us open the gates of your curiosity, expanding your capacity to embrace this new version of yourself and grounding you in your unique genius.


I'm here to guide you and be your muse, calling forth your inner creator. Together, we'll bridge the gap between your mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to fully embody your place in the world.


In doing so, you'll magnetize and create your life from a position of self-responsibility and self-sovereignty. Embrace and nurture your signature resonance, becoming who you are meant to be and who you choose to be!


Bespoke Private Mentorship

A transformative journey tailor-made for individuals who are deeply committed to their personal growth.


Our clients represent a diverse tapestry of life, ranging from single parents and tradesmen to corporate professionals, students, entrepreneurs, business owners, and spiritual executives. We've also been privileged to guide creative artists, design pioneers, practitioners, holistic therapists, and healers.


We believe in exploring all aspects of life, be it in the realms of business, relationships, creative pursuits, or personal desires. This mentorship journey is a unique creation, meticulously crafted just for you. Why? Because you are purposefully different, and we celebrate your uniqueness.


In our mentorship experience, you can look forward to experiencing an array of modalities as I draw upon my skillset and tools across all my knowledge base to guide you through your deepest transformation. 

To enrich your experience, you will be provided with 4 personalised hypnotic audio recordings and the Emotion Alchemy Self Led Course valued at $1500 plus extra resources specific to your needs.


Be held accountable and succeed with nurturing exploration tasks all conveniently accessible through your private drive.


As a warm welcome, you'll receive a special gift box and a signed copy of "Contemplating Consciousness - The Self Unfolding." PLUS 1 of the 3 specialist journals from the Light Library. 


This comprehensive journey spans over three months featuring;

One 2-hour a deep dive into you with a detailed personal history session,

Five 90-minute sessions,

All conducted via video meetings, all thoughtfully structured fortnightly sessions, recorded for your convivence.  


Plus, you'll enjoy Voxer support throughout the journey.

That's access to me to support you between sessions and when you need it most. 

The investment for this transformative journey is $4950, with flexible payment plans available to make it accessible for all.


Please note that we have limited spaces to maintain the energetic capacity and integrity of our co-creative process. If you resonate with this unique opportunity and are dedicated to your self-evolution, I invite you to apply today.


Let's embark on this incredible journey of personal growth and transformation together.



Thank you so much Lynn for being an amazing support for me for the last 4 months of mentorship. Over that time of being heard, I have been able to overcome blocks of overwhelm, scattered energy and exhaustion. By shifting, changing and growing past those blocks a fuller sense, understanding and deep connection to myself and others feels so freeing. Feels amazing to feel that spacious, clear and free. Thank you. You are truly a gift. xx



Completing my mentorship with Lynn was bittersweet. From the moment we had our first conversation, she held a sacred and safe place for me. However, I showed up on the day.. Her passion and belief in you and what you are capable of overcoming.
She holds space without judgements.
Lynn walks beside you on your journey through all the spaces; past and present, as you become a newer version of yourself. It's truly been an expansive experience. I no longer react, I respond to most situations. Which in hand has made a huge difference with my relationships. I've learnt to trust myself, and my self-worth has grown so much.
I truly don't believe I can put into words how profound it was working with this woman. I am certainly not the same person I was at the beginning. I am very grateful for our time together . X



Lynn was recommended to me by a bestie. At first I was doubtful whether talking to this lovely lady was going to be powerful enough to make any real change. How wrong I was!!! She's a magician! Thank you Lynn for holding my hand and my heart. Your patience is phenomenal. The experience and tools you have given me will with me for the rest of my days.

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