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A little about me


Greetings! I'm a passionate soul and a dedicated creator.

My life revolves around a beautiful chaos: a mother of 5 and a conscious connector. I thrive on learning and cherish the journey of life.

What ignites my spirit is advocating for the freedom of expression in all its glorious forms.

At the core of my existence are three guiding pillars: Freedom, Connection, and Expression. These principles are not just words but an intricate part of who I am.


I see myself as a lifelong student of life, continuously expanding and evolving. Through my own journey of growth, I've discovered a profound purpose - guiding fellow humans to reconnect with their true nature, which is limitless by design.


My life's path has been a winding one, having traversed Australia while managing a family alongside a partner who often worked away. This unique experience has honed my ability to adapt and has given me a keen eye for detail and an innate skill for observing the subtleties of interpersonal relationships.


In my professional journey, I've been deeply involved in the Health Industry, primarily in care roles with a focus on Aged Mental Health. My commitment to serving others in their pursuit of a better quality of life and meaningful connections is unwavering. I firmly believe that being seen and heard is the key to healing and personal growth.


I've also navigated my own battle with Mental Illness, a journey that led me to break free from assigned labels and rediscover my authentic self. Building inner trust and safety within our minds and emotions has become my passion.

Realising that the mind is an embodied experience, I've transformed many facets of myself and embraced a life without the boundaries I once perceived. My journey is one of constant evolution. What used to be limitations are now my strengths. This transformation deeply influences how I relate to myself and others.


My true passion lies in the realm of Consciousness.

I'm here to challenge the norms and redefine the status quo. My continuous exploration of self-inquiry and human behavior has profoundly shaped my life. It has led me to embrace self-acceptance and the freedom of expression. I'm all about going with the flow of life, and you can see this reflected in my expressions, my writing, meditations, and my business.


Welcome to my world, where growth is a way of life, and freedom is the path to self-discovery. Together, let's embrace the beauty of our limitless potential and journey towards an authentic, expressive existence.


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