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Get to know me 

I am a passionate being & a curious creator.

A mother of 5, a Conscious Connector.

Lover of all things learning and life.

I am an advocate for freedom of expression of life in all forms.

The 3 main pillars I value in life are

Freedom Connection and Expression.

They underpin everything I do and are intertwined in my very being. I'm a continuous student of life, and through my own expansion.

 I can guide other humans to connect back into their true nature, which is Limitless by Design.

Having travelled Australia all my adult life, whilst managing a family with a partner who was frequently away for work, I've learned to adapt to my surroundings and environments. It has helped me develop great attention to detail and an intricate observer in interpersonal relationships.

My working background has been in the Health Industry, focusing on Care roles, predominantly in Aged Mental Health with the management of daily living with Mental Illness. Being in service to others to bring greater quality of life and connection is something I will always strive to do. I truly believe that being seen and heard helps us heal and grow.

I've also overcome my own journey of years suffering from Mental Illness. Moving through the ups and downs of re-identifying myself without the assigned labels has taken me further down the path of self-discovery. Building inner safety and trust within our own mind and emotional being is something I was already extremely passionate about. Through learning that the mind was an embodied experience I've healed many aspects of myself and no longer choose to be confined by the boundaries I once perceived.


I continually expand my beliefs, perceptions, values and choose to create new experiences. What was once a limitation is now my gifts. This is reflected in how I relate to myself and others.


My special interest is Consciousness! 


I'm born to break moulds.

My continuous studies into self-inquiry and human behaviour have greatly impacted my life and have helped me cultivate an even deeper connection to my being. I've learned what it really means to embody self-acceptance and freedom of expression. I love to go with the flow of life and this is reflected in my self expression, my writing and meditations and my business.


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