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The Integrated Self level 1
The Integrated Practitioner level 2

Waitlist now open - The Integrated Self begins April  

Hold space for others? Are you a parent, teach, healer, mentor, channel, guide, coach, counsel...
Are you in a service based business? Do you have all the certificates? Are you learning all the modalities, studying in your area of expertise, expanding & upskilling yourself to embody what you teach.

As you most certainly already know, it all starts with you!

So, how do you bring all of it together within? So it reflects out. Actually, make it experiential in such a way that it integrates with each unique facet of YOU & YOUR unique life.

Where you no longer just recite and regurgitate things you've been taught, have read in books, or spout all the amazing spiritual fluff & magical thinking.

When you learn to question all the knowledge, personal learnings and discover how you shape them & they you. Where you become self responsible & aligned within your own personal resonance. That a natural result would be nothing other than living in your truth!

So that not only your life but any service, offer, creation, or work you do is an integrated embodiment of YOUR genius.


Level 1 The Integrated Self is a self applied model. The application and integration of Mindset, Body and Somatic experience with Emotional Intelligence - Integrated Embodiment 


Level 2 The Integrated Practitioner is a framework built upon the fundamentals from Level 1 training that can assist you in your service based business or holistic practise. It will guide you through an integrative approach that will help you identify what is required for deeper integration for your clients and the people you are in service to.


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