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The New Earth Quest Codes

The Book “New Earth Quest Codes - Insights from a Sacred Journey” presents 33 Codes - 33 leadership and life lessons - interpreted by 22 Authors, coming together to inspire new ways of leadership, authentic self expression and co-creation.



The collection of texts, poems and art is meant to inspire and encourage you to go on your own Quest, to discover insights that empower you to embrace your essence and walk your unique path.

• Compiled and Edited by Antonia Olga Daniek

• Artwork by Joan Eve Schenscher and Antonia Olga Daniek.




Contributors: Amy Lee Muton, Andrew Ge Holt, Angus Young, Antonia Olga Daniek, Audrey Muliva, Celeste Long, Chad Robert Noble, Chris Vigar, Clara Apollo, Coral Harvey, Daniel P Kirk, Emily Boyd , Greg Barwick, Jamie Lee Edmiston, Jennifer Thewlis, Joan Eve Schenscher, Kerryn Barwick, Keshet Cohen, Lynn Srane, Matthew Liam Gardner, Matthew Nugent, Rachel Tripodi, Rebecca Rachel Booth, Rhianna Woodbury, Shannen Maree Elliott, Tricia Lea Lavalley.

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