Embodied Consciousness 

Innovative Creators Journey 

Are you a Creative? A Healer?

An Entrepreneur, Artist or Practitioner?

You're dedicated and ready to go all in, to open the gates of your curiosity and become grounded in your unique genius! Lets deepen your connection and expand the work you are currently creating and integrating.


Allow me to guide you, to be your muse. To call out your inner creator, together lets bridge the gap between your mind, body and spirit so you can

find your "Fuck Yes" in the world & stop curating your message and gifts ?

Access systems in your natural alignment so that you, curate what you allow in your field to embrace and cultivate your signature resonance and truly be who you're meant to be!

You will understand new ways of being present with your body, emotions and thoughts rewrite and choose new ways of expressing. You will learn your unique energetic signatures, and the individual ways your mind body connection is communicating with you.

What wants to be expressed through you? What is your unique gifts?

What is your Medicine and Message? Tap into and discover your purposeful life!

 Align with the unique expression that only you can create.

Remember you are Limitless by Design!

4 Month Private Mentorship

8 x 1:1 90min Sessions

4 Personalised Hypnotherapy Audios 

Full support between sessions via Voxer


10% Discount Paid in full or 16 Weekly Payments of $222

Feel Into Freedom


If the voice in your head is you, Then who is the one listening?

Are you ready to meet yourself in the depths? To give yourself permission and embrace all of you? Would you like to connect with yourself in empowering new ways?

To meet yourself with compassion and love To nurture you're uniqueness and remember how powerful and expansive you truly are

Then I invite you to take a journey with me.

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2 Payments of $66