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This self immersion is for you if ..


You're looking for a deeper self connection.

You're ready to fully embody your expression and feel free in your uniqueness.


You've been feeling disconnected and need a new way to  reconnect. You're longing for more self love and acceptance.

You're ready to feel empowered by your thoughts and emotions. 

You're ready to give yourself the permission you've been looking for from others.


Create an internal space where you can begin to feel safe in understanding you and your experiences.


Feel into Freedom will help you move from feeling -

Disconnected, stressed out, confused, reactive and overwhelmed

To feeling -

Connected, calm, responsive, at home in yourself and confident in who you are.


It's yours forever! No ongoing cost or subscriptions


You will receive directly to your inbox:

Guided Meditation - to listen to daily

4 Content Pillars

- Delivered to you each week over the four weeks.

- Download and save to your preferred device.

The pdf is also printable if you like to have a hands on copy.

Revisit the program content as many times as you need.

Or take advantage of booking a discounted support session following the completion of the immersion.


The 4 Pillars of Feel into Freedom

Sacred Space





The 4 Pillars are designed to help you develop deeper self understanding, through exploring your current ideas and beliefs about yourself to feeling more freedom in your everyday experiences and expressions.


Alongside the guided meditation each of the Pillars will guide you with enquiry questions and exercises that will;

Help support you as you explore your thoughts and emotions.

Reflective challenges to cultivate self acceptance and encourage change. Explore Reparenting your inner child. Somatic exercises to help you express in nurturing ways and support your nervous system.

Create inner safety and outer freedom.


Get access now!

Follow the link to register today and begin your journey. 

Want some added support as you explore?

Add a private 1:1 support session

Any more questions please feel free to contact me via DM or email

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