Innovative Creators Journey



​You're dedicated 

You desire to go all in, to open the gates of your curiosity 

& become grounded in your 
Unique genius!

Lets deepen your connection and

expand the work you are currently creating & integrating.


Allow me to guide you, to be your muse

To call out your inner creator

together lets bridge the gap between your 

Mind, Body and Spirit 


So you can

Embody your place  in the world

 Embrace and cultivate your signature resonance 

to truly be who you're meant to be!


Integrate and ​access systems in your 
natural alignment.


Expand beyond your current beliefs, develop & refine your flow to form a deeper relationship with 
your energetics.

Intentionally curate what you allow in your field
& ​understand new ways of being present with your 
body, emotions and thoughts.

Rewrite & choose new ways of expressing & creating 

when you learn your unique energetic signatures through

emotional intelligence and integrated embodiment.

Attune the pathways of your unique

Mind Body Connection

Innovation Creators Journey is a  Private Mentorship for 

Creative Artists 
Entrepreneurs & Business Owners


Exploring all facets 



Expand Boundaries. Build Capacity. Create Change.




This journey is uniquely designed & tailored for you, 



~ Experience  ~ 

Intuitive Ceremony 
Breathwork & Somatic Experiences 
Mind Mapping 
Reiki Attunement 
Hypnotherapy & Meditation 


If you desire, if you choose


Join me in

4 Months of Mentorship Including 

8 fortnightly video calls 

Unlimited Voxer & Private message

4 Tailored Hypnotic Audio recordings 

 Nurturing exploration tasks in your own private drive 

Full support during the Mentorship 


This is an application only mentorship limited spaces are available at each intake to honour the energetic capacity and integrity of the cocreation endeavoured.

 Is this you? I invite you to apply today.