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Using a person-centered Counselling approach, incorporating Hypnotherapy Neuro-Linguistic Programing and Timeline Therapy each session is individually tailored to meet the needs of the client. Together we can work through many things like Emotional intelligence, Self-connection, and acceptance, emotional regulation & expression. Clearing major negative emotions from your nervous system to alleviate stress and anxiety. Creating a greater connection and relationship to your unconscious mind builds internal rapport making implementing change even easier.


A therapy session can be utilized in so many ways such as Alleviate Anxiety Trauma Resolution Regaining Emotional Balance Setting Boundaries Building better Relationships Stress Relief Quit Smoking & Substances Creating Relaxation Resourcing & Goal Setting Increased Assertiveness Manage your Mental Health Only to name a few.


Remember you are Limitless by Design Therapy Sessions can also be a great way to improve Generative Creation, think goal setting, new routines or adventures but aligned with the unique expression that only you can create!


Lynn offers Reconnect & Follow Your Flow 2 & 4-month Therapy and Mentoring Packages each beginning with a 3hr Initial Consultation followed by Fortnightly Sessions.


Breakthrough Your Boundaries an 8hr Intensive Rediscovery with options to split over 2 consecutive days.


Rebirth is a Guided and Self Led Journey with content delivered to you each week. A 6-week commitment where you can reconnect to yourself, Revive what's been hidden, clear the old and create a pathway towards the new.

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