To Know Thyself 

is our

Greatest Exploration 

Let Me Guide You in

Amplifying Your Presence

& Remembering Your Freedom 

You Are Different On Purpose

Cultivate a deeper presence and self understanding that will teach you to trust & develop your intuition creating Inner Safety & Outer Freedom 

Intuitive Activator

Mind & Energetics Guide

Multi Modality Therapist 


Lynn applies her natural abilities in expanded thinking, energetics, empathy, clairsentience and intuitive activations with a Person-Centred approach to Counselling and Mentoring.

Using a combination of Modalities including Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and Reiki, you will experience integrated embodiment. 

This makes her work as a holistic practitioner individual and unique. 

All sessions are completely tailored to suit the person's needs working with her. 

Lynn believes that everyone is unique and that for lasting change to occur, there is a need for self-understanding and exploration of what is underlining the cause and desire for change. Together with clear, aligned intentions, Lynn will work with you to help get the results you want so you can begin to create real change in your creations, business and life. 


  • Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapist.

  • Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

  • Master Practitioner in Timeline Therapy.

  •  Studying Dip in Counselling.

  • Reiki Energy Healer.

  • Breathwork Facilitator.

  • Certificate in Aged Care Mental Health.

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Specializing in:

Self Connection & Expression

Emotional Intelligence 

Integrated Embodiment 

Intuitive Attunement & Activations

Personal & Business Breakthroughs 

Self Sovereignty 

Relationship Counselling

inclusive of 

ENM and Polyamorous Dynamics

Conscious Parenting

Meditation Facilitator

Connection Circles

Retreats & Group Experiences


Ignite  Activate  Transform